Print Design

Below is a sampling of recent Graphic Design, Logo Design and Branding

TT-Front Cover.jpgMap.jpgCapital1.jpgCapital2.jpgCapital3.jpgCapital4.jpgc69-CCAP-logo.jpgc44-CCAP-Letterhead-Master.jpgc1-CCAP-SeasonSmall_Page_1-WEB.jpgc98-CCAP-SeasonSmall_Page_2-WEB.jpgc53-Rep Logo-Master.jpg

Teddy’s Travels – America’s National Parks • Book Design – Cover and Interior

Benjamin Franklin Award • Cover Design – Children’s/Young Adult

Classic and Contemporary American Plays • Branding and Logo Design

Classic and Contemporary American Plays • Season Brochure

The Group Rep • Branding and Logo Design